I have a highly memorable mobile number on the Vodafone network, having been on the same contract for almost four years.

On 27/05/2015, I received the following text from O2, indicating that my mobile number was in the process of being ported from Vodafone to O2. At this stage, no one on my account had requested a PAC and I am still in contract, so would not naturally want to move to another network.


On receiving this text, I test dialled my mobile number from Vodafone to Vodafone and O2 to O2 (both on-net calls).

Calls Vodafone to Vodafone are delivered as normal.  Calls O2 to O2 are delivered to an O2 voicemail of which I have no contract or control.

Initial calls, chats and Tweets with Vodafone and O2 have been unproductive and my complaint and concerns have not so far been taken seriously.

The posts on this blog document the struggle to get Vodafone and O2 to take this matter seriously and, ultimately, resolve this issue.