Mobile News: “Thousands” of Vodafone customers hit with porting delays

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Operator says it is “close” to resolving issue which has seen customers wait months for their number ot be ported in from other networks

Vodafone says it is close to resolving ongoing issues with number porting which have affected thousands of customers in recent months.

The problems has seen customers waiting months in some case for their numbers to be transferred from other providers.

The delays are in breach of Ofcom guidelines that says the process should be completed within 24 hours. The regulator told Mobile News it was “concerned” about the reports and says it will be speaking to the operator.

Day 10: Complaint 6: No Resolution from Vodafone

Complaint reference 10524227, sent to




Day 10: Number Cancelled, Unable to Process Payment.

Day 10: 04 June

Payment for last month’s bill (May) was paid online as normal three days ago, but hasn’t gone through my nominated card.

Today, I receive a text stating that my payment is late and that I risk ‘disconnection’.

Endless calls to Vodafone this evening, nine in total.

My Vodafone account now shows as being ‘cancelled’. I have been unable to use the Vodafone automated system as my number isn’t recognised.

There is no update from Vodafone Fraud Managment, they were ‘not contactable’ when I rang in.

I have today made nine calls out of normal business hours. These have all resulted in failure. Responses as follows:

  1. You ported your number.
  2. Do you want to port your (other) number to O2?
  3. You can’t port your (other) number as your account is in arrears.
  4. You can’t pay your bill as you don’t show as having an active number.
  5. Call disconnect.
  6. Voicemail.
  7. Back to the main auto-attendant.
  8. Call disconnected.
  9. We don’t have your number on our system….Sir.

Day 9: Vodafone Store, Trafford Centre

Day 9: 3rd June

On Day 9 (3rd June), I went to the Vodafone Store in the Trafford Centre, Manchester (store number 60928).

The duty manager who dealt with me was excellent and a credit to Vodafone.

After a three hour face-to-face, the following facts have become known:

  1. That a port attempt was made to O2, but that this failed on 2rd June 2015 as a ‘timed out port’.
  2. That there are notes on my Vodafone account detailing my many complaints and attempts at contact, but with these being ignored.
  3. That my number shows as ‘cancelled’ under my Vodafone account.

The following departments were unable to help:

  • Porting
  • FRS

The end result is that a fraud case has been raised through Vodafone’s management system, ‘Crystal’ with also being involved.


Day 8: Complaint 5: No Resolution from Vodafone

Complaint reference 10500428


Day 6: Complaint 4: No Resolution from Vodafone

Complaint Reference 10476543